[1] Sensor Firmware & Software


Firmware/Software provided below

Make sure that you use the correct Pixymon software and Sensor firmware. They are provided in the Firmware/Software section of this documentation. Also, don't forget to click 'Restore default parameter values' after uploading new sensor firmware.

-> Install Pixymon: The IR-LOCK sensor firmware requires the installation of a particular version of the Pixymon software. See the Firmware/Software section of this documentation.

-> Upload IR-LOCK Firmware: Upload the latest IR-LOCK firmware to your sensor using Pixymon. Firmware is uploaded to the sensor by holding the white button while simultaneously plugging in the USB cable. Pixymon will then ask you to navigate to the ‘.hex’ firmware file.

-> After uploading new firmware, click ‘Restore default parameter values’ under the ‘Action’ tab in Pixymon.


Click ‘Restore default parameter values’ after uploading firmware