[3] Adjust Sensor Lens

This step is VERY important. Please read this section carefully.

In order to achieve 15 meters of detection range, the lens on the sensor actually needs to be slightly unfocused. This will cause the MarkOne beacon to appear larger, and thus be detectable at a longer range.

Place the MarkOne beacon at a distance of 10-15 meters from the sensor. Direct the IR LEDs toward the sensor. Open up Pixymon and click the 'Display raw video' button to view the video feed from the sensor. You should see the MarkOne beacon appear as a white blob.

Focus the lens by rotating it until the image appears crisp/clear. It is easier to do this outdoors in sunlight, because you will see other objects in the video feed. If you are inside, you may only see the MarkOne beacon. After you have focused the lens, turn the lens approximately 1/4 of a rotation in either direction. This will slightly unfocus the lens. You should notice that the MarkOne beacon grows in size in your video feed.

Click the 'Default program' button under the 'Action' tab. You should notice that the MarkOne beacon can be reliably detected at a range of 15 meters. The location of the beacon will be indicated by a white box on a black screen. If you are satisfied with the detection range, use the small black screw to hold the lens in place. If you are not satisfied with the detection range, you may need to adjust the lens again. Also, ensure that the MarkOne beacon is facing toward the sensor.