[5a] AC3.3* PL Firmware

APM:Copter V3.3 firmware with Precision Landing (PL) features


*Modified AC3.3 Firmware

Before flying with this modified AC3.3 firmware, make sure that you have had multiple successful flights with the official AC3.3 firmware.

APM:Copter V3.3.3-rc2 IR-LOCK Firmware
Quad: Arducopter_PL_Quad_3.3.3-rc2.px4
Hexa: Arducopter_PL_Hexa_3.3.3-rc2.px4
Octa: Arducopter_PL_Octa_3.3.3-rc2.px4
Source Code: Copter-3.3 Github
Latest Commit: 593db3....
For Developers: If you would like to compile the source code for yourself, you will need to modify one of the submodule files. Simply replace the irlock.cpp file with this file. The irlock.cpp file is located in the following location: ardupilot\modules\PX4Firmware\src\drivers\irlock



Precision Landing is now a default feature in the latest ArduCopter code. However, the latest precision landing code requires a sonar/lidar sensor (e.g., SF10/A). If you want to test precision landing without using a sonar/lidar, use the 3.3 code provided above.