[5b] Required Parameter Settings

After flashing the AC3.3* PL firmware to your flight controller, you will have access to 3 new parameters. Two of these parameters MUST be modified in before the precision landing features will function. And the other parameter controls the precision landing descent speed.

PRECLND_ENABLED: Set this parameter to '1'.

PRECLND_SPEED: This parameter does not need to be modified. It is intended to limit the horizontal speed of the copter during precision landing, but it is not currently used in the controls code.

PRECLND_TYPE: Set this parameter to '2'. This corresponds to the IR-LOCK sensor type.

LAND_SPEED: Descent speed during landing in cm/s. This value can be decreased to as low as 30cm/s. Typically, a lower value improves the accuracy of precision landings.


Set ENABLED and TYPE to 1 and 2